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    A roof inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of a roof and its components. Typically, it involves a visual assessment by an experienced contractor, followed by a detailed report outlining any issues or needed repairs. The main purpose is to identify problems that could lead to serious damage or failure in the future. This includes wear and tear, water infiltration, missing shingles, moss or algae growth, and more.

    Inspectors also check for code violations such as inadequate ventilation and improper installation. They look for evidence of multiple roofing layers and ensure proper grading for drainage. Gutters and downspouts are examined for proper functioning and drainage away from the building.

    During the inspection, documentation, such as photographs, is taken for reference. Depending on the roof's age and materials, additional tests like core sampling, thermal imaging, infrared scanning, moisture meter readings, electrical testing, and core cutter drills may be recommended.

    It's crucial for roof inspectors to have decades of experience with roofs to identify typical damage and warning signs of potential issues.

    For a professional roof inspection in St. Petersburg or anywhere in Pinellas County FL, reach out to our trained and certified team and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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